Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clio Awards

OK, so they don't promote beer, but these award-winning advertisements for 42 Below Vodka are astoundingly entertaining.

42 Below Vodka Ad: Crabs

Click on the image above to view them all.

[Edit 2008-01-01] Here's a translation of the ad pictured above. You're on your own figuring out the rest of them.

  • Guy wakes up

  • takes a shower

  • eats his breakfast

  • brushes his teeth

  • drives to his office

  • takes a cab to the airport

  • and the plane takes off.

  • Stewardess brings him a drink

  • and another one

  • and another one.

  • He goes to the lavatory

  • and has sex with the stewardess.

  • He has another drink

  • and gets her phone number.

  • The flight arrives

  • and he takes a cab to his hotel.

  • He calls the stewardess

  • and has another drink.

  • She shows up with a friend.

  • They have a couple of drinks

  • and go to bed.

  • He has sex with both of them.

  • They have a smoke

  • and another drink.

  • He wakes up the next morning

  • takes a shower

  • and discovers he has crabs.

Got it?


Anonymous said...

ok- i don't get it. i don't know why, but my synapsyses just aren't firing on this one . . .
since you never answer yer emails could you please explain it to me here, then erase my comment so the rest of the world doesn't point and laugh at me ?
thank you ever so kindly.

Richard Stueven said...

OK, just for you, I'll add a step-by-step translation for this one. You're on your own for the rest of them. (Hint: the second one chronicles the career of George W. Bush.)

Anonymous said...


ok. got it.
thanks, eh.
instead of feeling stupid tho, i'll just consider myself an advertising executives biggest challenge . . .

yeah that's it.