Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, 22 March 2009: Bamberg

I really need to catch this blog up one of these days. No time now, though: the brewpubs here in Bamberg open in a few minutes, and today (Monday) is the only full day we'll have here. We arrived yesterday (Sunday) early in the afternoon. We're staying at Brauerei Spezial, and of course we had to try all of the beers there. Several times. We met a couple from Colorado and got into a Schafkopf game. Gaststätte Stilbruch for a couple of beers. Enjoyed a few Rauchbier at Schlenkerla. Meant to visit Brauerei Ambräusianum, but got there minutes after closing time. (They're not open Monday, so it will have to wait until next time.) Accidentally found zum Dominkaner and had plenty more beers and Schnapps before calling it a night.

Choo on the train from Flughafen München

Röhrl Edler Sud from Yorma's in the München Hauptbahnof

Zirndorfer Landbier from Döner Point in the Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof

Brauerei Spezial, Bamberg

The view from our hotel room at Spezial, facing the brewhouse. The keen-eyed observer will note the tub of spent grain in the lower-right of the picture.

Spezial Märzen

Spezial Lager

Spezial Ungespundetes

Liz and Brian, beer drinkers and Schafkopf players from Golden, Colorado

Schlenkerla Holzfass

Gasthaus-Brauerei Ambräusianum, Bamberg

zum Dominkaner, Bamberg

Tomorrow: Bamberg


Brewer said...

did you find any decent vegetarian food, choo? It might have been easier w/ Richard, with his deutch skills.

choo said...

Hey Jeremy, my choices were pretty much potatoes, salad, and potato salad. so i decided to try the potato salad in all the places we ate so i could maybe start a new page entitled "potato me" !

Paris toyed with me about some special "pizza" they have over there - but she never produced. i think it was a ploy to keep me going - you know- there will be pizza at the end, c'mon let's go!

somehow i wasn't so hungry what with all the beer we drank, and considerin we WALKED to just about every brewery, i believe i actually lost a few pounds on this beer and potato diet.