Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, 23 June 2009: Isny im Allgäu and Bad Waldsee

Yesterday: Zwiefaltendorf and Zwiefalten

I finally got my wireless connection working today. Turns out I was trying to connect to the <headslap>wrong network</headslap>.

We bought an twelve-euro all-day DING ticket for the buses to Brauerei Stolz in Isny im Allgäu. Real good beer and more food than I could eat.

Brauerei Stolz / Gaststätte Engel, Isny im Allgäu

Stolz Isnyer Hopfen Perle

Stolz Dunkles Weizen

Stolz Hefeweizen hell

Stolz Blaubändele

Stolz Isnyer Zunftbier

We got on the bus for Bad Waldsee, and the driver said our DING ticket is no good on the BODO lines, and he charged us another twelve euro for that 1½-hour ride.

Having missed the bus at Bad Waldsee, we walked a mile or so to the Mühlbergstüble and had a tasty Steinacher beer. The Mühlbergstüble is a nice bar that's probably lots of fun when it's busy, but we were the only people in the place at 4:00pm.

Mühlbergstüble, Bad Waldsee

Steinacher Hausbräu

We walked back to the train station just in time to see our train pull out. Just as well, since we didn't have tickets. We waited 50 minutes in the rain for the next train, nursing Choo's injured hand all the while. (I'll let her post those details.) We arrived in Biberach at 6:10pm, and nobody ever asked us for the tickets we bought.

Tomorrow: Bad Schussenried and Tettnang


choo said...

so far yer battin 100 on the busses and such!
but it was all worth it as the beers and food at Brauerei Stolz were indeed scrumptious. best asparagas soup EVER!

after watchin you leave that zwiethingy beer on the table and then half the food on yer plate at Stolz, i was startin to worry you might be losin yer edge. i wanted to walk some more, (in the rain along the side of the road) but lucky for you the bus we din't have tickets for pulled right up. ok we had to run a little . . .

as for my hand - well thats what happens when you have to go and it's all rainy and slippery and plants with jaggers are just waiting for you to slip and fall onto them. bastards!

my comments herein have been delayed due to not havin interweb exposure - you my friend, are several weeks behind in this journal. plez update it at yer earliest convenience. tankyamon.

Richard Stueven said...

I'm about halfway through typing up the Tettnang adventure. Look for it tomorrow. I'd post it today, but I have a beer fest to attend.