Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Impromptu Pale Ale

Today's brew went very well, taking just three hours and 36 minutes from mash-in to fermenter-full. I did have to restack some malt to get at the Pale Ale Malt, but that wasn't too bad. One minor screw-up: I misread the clock during the boil and put the second hop addition in about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. My calculations indicate that said mistake added about 9 IBU to an already-bitter beer. I doubt anybody will notice.

During the cleanup, I had a chance to replace the tri-clamp gaskets on the transfer rig in the fermenter room. That wraps up that phase of the project, except for the three tanks that are still full of beer.

The transfer rig mixes wort, oxygen, and yeast on the way to the fermenters

Bartender Chris Vrba gave me a copy of last Sunday's "Living" section from the Omaha World-Herald. John Keenan's article about the recent Max & Joe's Belgian Beer Fest appeared in that issue, and he was kind enough to include a couple of my quotes.

Tomorrow, filling kegs.

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