Monday, February 26, 2007

My filter hates me

Last Friday, while I was driving all over the place, Willie came in and put the new seal in the filter. (This project has been going on for something like three weeks now.) This morning, I reattached the pump to the filter piping, and voilá! No leaks!

No leaks around the shaft, that is. It seems that the half-round ring that seals up the pump's outlet got lost somewhere along the way. So once again, I called Scott Laboratories to order parts. They said it will be here tomorrow.

I cleaned and sanitized Fermenter #9, got the malt ready, and set up the brewhouse for tomorrow's batch of Harvey's Märzen. It obviously won't be ready for March 1, but it shouldn't be too late. Some of the grain I needed appears to be hidden behind the bags I had to restack when the last shipment came in. Rather than re-re-stack everything, I improvised with the malts that were handy.

I stupidly left a small valve open on F9, and when I turned on the pump to start the sanitizer, I got sprayed with the stuff. Fortunately, it's mostly harmless, unlike the caustic and acid washes that preceded it, but I did get pretty drenched. I'm hiding out in my office until I dry to a less-embarrassing level.

I filled out and mailed all the invoices from last Friday and this morning's Grand Island pickup.

Tomorrow: Clean the draft lines, brew the Märzen, clean and sanitize F6, set up Wednesday's brew.

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