Thursday, February 1, 2007

Milk beer called 'Bilk' to go on sale in Hokkaido

I think the use of the word "succeeded" is a bit of a stretch.

NAKASHIBETSU, Hokkaido -- A brewery here has succeeded in producing a low-malt beer with milk, after the drink was suggested as a product that would help use up surplus milk.

The drink, called "Bilk" will go on sale on Feb. 1. It reportedly has a fruity flavor that its brewers hope will be popular among women.

Mainichi Daily News has the whole story.

Thanks to Melia for the link!

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Unknown said...

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I was happy to see that you came through the area not too long ago and visited some of our fine breweries. I think you missed Georgetown Brewing ( They are currently the top up and coming micro around here, seems like everyone has them. A couple of years ago it was Mac and Jacks, but Georgetown has really come on the scene hard.

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Keep up the good work. I'll probably start sending you some pics of some of the local breweries to help with your site (WABL the club gives you a passport to collect stickers from the breweries to get people out to them). Thanks again!