Thursday, February 1, 2007

More kegs, and delays

I was at the brewery by 8:30 this morning, filling the remaining root beer kegs for the Norfolk order. At 10:30, I drove out to the Tasty-Toppings plant in Duncan to borrow the truck, only to find that it wouldn't start in this 17°F weather. So I plugged in the heater and went back to the brewery to wait for it to warm up.

In the meantime, I called the salesman in Norfolk to tell him I'd be bringing the kegs up this afternoon. He mentioned that I had brought a couple of kegs last time that were filled with the wrong beer, and asked if I could replace them. So back into the cellar I go, to fill a couple of 1/6-barrels of All-American Gold.

Noon: Head back to Duncan to get the truck.


13:00: Get back to the brewery and start loading up kegs.


13:40: Hit the road to Norfolk.

15:40: Arrive at the brewery and unload the empties.

The empties

15:50: Head back to Duncan to return the truck.

16:10: Go home. The paperwork can wait until tomorrow.

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