Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stout setup

Last night's presentation to the Platte Valley Cattlemen on "life in a small brewery". It was basically the same spiel I do during a real brewery tour, only without all the tanks. I passed around a few jars of malt and hops for them to taste, and some samples of All American Gold, Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen, and Bugeater Brown. They all seemed interested, and maybe even entertained, and they asked quite a few really good questions about the process. Plus they gave me a free steak dinner. Good fun.

Fermenter #4 is cleaned, sanitized, and ready to receive tomorrow's batch of 1916 Irish Stout. The grain is in the hopper and ready to go, and the water should be hot by tomorrow morning. When it's ready, this beer will replace the Princess of Darkness Porter that's on tap now.

The filter saga may be drawing to a close; I have the parts, I have the drawing, and I have a sheet entitled "Installing Seal - Some Things To Know". So maybe I can get that done finally on Thursday (keg cleaning/filling day) or Friday (root beer deliveries to Lincoln and Council Bluffs).

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