Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another half-day

We're trying to get Paris on her way again. We got to Omaha just after 11:00, and the weather looked good, and the flights appeared to be on time, so I dropped her off and went back to the brewery. The plan is to run some rye malt through the mill and set up the brewhouse so I'll be able to brew tomorrow.

There's a fax on my desk, dated yesterday, from our wholesaler in Norfolk. They want 30 five-gallon kegs and 10 half-barrels of root beer. They want them tomorrow or Friday. I'll be in Green Bay on Friday, so that clarifies the schedule a bit. Also, there was a message from the Grand Island wholesaler who placed last week's order this week for pickup yesterday; they added more kegs to the order and said they'd pick it up next Monday instead of yesterday.

So I filled kegs. Lots of kegs. Drained two of the seven-barrel root beer tanks completely dry, and had to steal some out of the tank that's dedicated to the pub. Good thing I made five batches yesterday.

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