Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Not much happening today.

I hadn't received the weekly order from our Grand Island wholesaler, so I gave them a call. The guy who places the orders was out today and yesterday, and nobody else seemed to know about an order, so I figure maybe they don't need anything this week.

I filled out some paperwork for a festival we'll be attending in Lincoln later this month.

Willie happened to be up on the roof today and noticed that the glycol machine that cools the fermenters was iced up, so he called the refrigeration guy. He showed up around 2:00 and took a look; there may or may not be a problem, so I'll probably go in tomorrow and see what's going on and maybe add a few gallons of glycol to the reservoir.

Monday: Paris is leaving for two weeks in Loughborough, England, so I'll drive her to the airport in the morning. When I get back in the afternoon, I'll make 28 barrels of root beer and do the Federal Excise Taxes. Sometime next week, I'd like to brew some Rye Lager.

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