Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two new beers

They're finally ready: Stüvenbräu Maibock and Jack of Spades Schwarzbier went on tap today! As I mentioned when I filtered this beer, it was supposed to be named Queen of Clubs, but it was too light. Drinking the finished beer, I'm thinking I should have named it Nine of Diamonds instead. It's a tasty beer, but it's not a stylistically-correct Schwarzbier. The Maibock, on the other hand, is chewy and creamy and malty and warming and really quite good.

(Does anyone around here play Sheepshead? It'd be fun to get a regular game going here at the pub.)

I filtered six barrels of All American Gold into bright beer tank #2. Just in time, because the pub's on its last keg of the old batch. I'll have to come in tomorrow to fill up a couple kegs.


Anonymous said...

Sara's folks play dopplekopf, but it would not be possible for her dad to drive back to Norfolk after playing cards in a brewpub. Hmmmm... Maybe he can get his wife to drive. ;)

They also tried to teach us a couple of years back, but it would be impossible for either me or her to drive back to Norfolk after playing cards in a brewpub.

wish i could taste the new beers.


Richard Stueven said...

I've never played Doppelkopf, but looks like fun.

have fun