Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rye I Oughta...!

Tom came by today and helped brew seven barrels of Rye I Oughta...!, a pale lager containing 50% rye malt. (Actually, Tom did pretty much all the work, as usual.) Other than a slow runoff, the brew went pretty well. It should be ready to tap in three or four weeks.

The current batch of Bugeater Brown Ale is getting nastier by the day. I suspect it picked up way too much air when I filtered it last month. This morning, I sent the last 2½ barrels down the drain. I cleaned, sanitized, and pressurized the tank, and I'll filter the new batch tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Filter the Maibock, filter the Schwarzbier, filter the Brown, keg off the Märzen, and keg off the Pale.

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