Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut dead at 84

I post this here not only because I enjoy Vonnegut's work, but also because he was the descendant of a prominent brewing family.

Vonnegut was born in Indianapolis in 1922, a fourth-generation German-American and the youngest of three children. His father, Kurt Sr., was an architect. His mother, Edith, came from a wealthy brewery family.

The brewery in question would have been the "City Brewery, P Lieber & Co" in Indianapolis, which later became the Indianapolis Brewing Company.

Kurt Vonnegut's grandfather was Albert Lieber. The recipe for a dark lager beer that Peter Lieber devised was brewed by Wyncoop [sic] Brewing, Denver, in 1996 to celebrate the new library there. It was called Kurt's Mile-High Malt. A "secret ingredient" of the brew was coffee.

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