Monday, August 13, 2007

August, Part 2

  • Wednesday, August 8: Chase stirs the mashTom Froehner and Chase Becker came in and brewed seven barrels of Moll Dubh Irish Red Ale. It was a popular beer when we had it on tap last year, although it looks like I didn't take any notes. This year's batch looks a little dark, so it might end up as Moll Dubh Irish Brown Ale instead. It will go on tap as soon as the current batch of Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen (just over one keg) runs out.

  • Thursday, August 9: Filled a few kegs this morning, then headed to Omaha for another shot in the neck. This one was done without a sedative, so they let me drive myself away, and I headed straight for the Crescent Moon. Lunch and a few beers there — OK, I stayed until 7:30pm — then downstairs to the Huber Haus beer hall for a Doppelbock. Or two. And maybe a Pils. Or two. Talked to lots of fun people and gave away a bunch of business cards, so maybe my beer will be on tap in Omaha sometime, I hope. Headed back to the hotel and had a couple of bottles of Empyrean Luna Sea ESB.

  • Friday, August 10: Todd Parkman and me at the Crescent MoonPicked up Paris at the Omaha airport and headed as usual to Crescent Moon for lunch. Not long after lunch, a couple showed up at the bar "looking for the strong stuff". Turns out they were in town for a wedding, and they had scoped out the Moon as a place they could find beer that they couldn't find back home in Mississippi, a state with a 6% abv limit. Katie and Todd Parkman are a) passionately committed to getting Mississippi's beer laws modernized, and b) a whole hell of a lot of fun to drink beer with. Buy them a pint when you run into them!

  • Monday, August 13: I need to free up tank space for the batch of All American Gold that Tom brewed a while back, so I kegged off the Maibock (four kegs) and Schwarzbier (five kegs), and cleaned, sanitized, and pressurized those bright beer tanks. I cleaned a couple dozen kegs, along with a couple dozen picnic taps. I also moved fourteen barrels of root beer into the cellar, as two of the three soda tanks were empty. Last Thursday's nerve-blocking injection doesn't seem to have done much good, so I'll be back at the doc's office early Friday morning to talk about further options.

Tomorrow: Clean the draft lines and filter the new batch of Gold.

Later this week: get sugar and make root beer, do the mid-month taxes, fill kegs.

Sometime Real Soon: brew another batch of Gold, some Oktoberfest, and some Scotch Ale.

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