Tuesday, August 7, 2007

End July, Start August

I haven't been slacking — not much, anyway — but I haven't had much time to post here lately. I've been working on a new version of "Beer Me!" that should go live in the next day or two; watch this space for news.

So here's what's been happening, brewery-wise:

  • Tuesday, July 24: Cleaned the draft lines. Cleaned the two fermenters.

  • Wednesday, July 25: Filled twelve half-barrels and 20 five-gallon kegs of root beer and three 1/6-barrels of Bugeater Brown Ale for a wholesaler, plus the usual kegs of beer for the pub.

  • Thursday, July 26: Drove the kegs up to Norfolk.

  • Friday, July 27: Picked up Paris at the Omaha airport, and had lunch at Crescent Moon. Picked up a few bottles at Beertopia, too.

  • Saturday, July 28: The Nebraska State Fair 1868 Foundation held their Blue Ribbon Roll Out in Lincoln, featuring food from several area restaurants and beer from Empyrean, Gottberg, Spilker, and Upstream. We poured a few growlers of "Rye I Oughta...!" and Bugeater Brown Ale.

  • Monday, July 30: Cleaned the draft lines. Cleaned about four dozen kegs.

  • Tuesday, July 31: Filled ten root beer kegs for customers in Lincoln and Omaha. Gave a tour to some ladies from the Butler County Senior Center who had come to Dusters for lunch.Tuesday's tour group

  • Wednesday, August 1: Drove the kegs to Lincoln and Omaha. Despite being officially on vacation, Paris had to attend a web-conference this afternoon. Since the Crescent Moon offers wireless internet service, it seemed like the perfect place to stop on the way home.

  • Thursday, August 2: Did the monthly tax reports. Filled kegs for the pub and for the Grand Island distributor.

  • Monday, August 6: Cleaned the draft lines. Went to Omaha for a followup appointment with the doctor that shot cortisone into my neck last week. That treatment didn't help at all, but he did tell me at the outset that it was more for diagnostic than therapeutic purposes. So sometime soon — possibly as soon as this Thursday — he'll do it again one joint above the last one. If that doesn't work, he talked about some sort of nerve function test that I haven't researched yet. I spent the entire afternoon at Crescent Moon working on beerme.com and waiting for the day's thunderstorms to pass.

  • Tuesday, August 7: Caught up some paperwork. Typed this article.

Tomorrow: brew an as-yet-undetermined beer that will replace the soon-to-run-out Uncle Ivan's Dunkelweizen. Chase Becker said he'd come help.

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