Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lines, filters, and tours

Cleaned the draft lines this morning, followed by the filtration of the All American Gold. I got 6.1 barrels into the bright tank. Tom stopped by and reminded me that we significantly overshot our target gravity on that batch, and asked if I planned to dilute it like I was considering. After taking some measurements, I decided that might be a good idea. I ran just under two barrels of cold RO water into the filtered beer, bringing the volume up to eight barrels and the effective gravity down to 8.2°P, right about on target.

A huge group of farm-tourists came to the restaurant for lunch and decided they'd like a brewery tour. I showed them what I could, even though there were hoses and water all over the floor. Then, just as I started dumping the Dreck out of the now-empty fermenter, another group, this time a bunch of kids from the Interfaith Council in Lincoln, showed up and also asked for a tour. I told them to have their lunch first, so I could hose all the yeast off the floor.

Tomorrow: get some sugar and make some root beer, finish cleaning the fermenter, and order yeast.

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