Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Band Saved From Fire By PBR Cans

Is there nothing this miracle beverage can't do?

Long story short, we were driving from an amazing show in Regina to Calgary. We started to smell brakes burning and assumed it was the semi truck in front of us. As we were coming down the hill going about 70+ mph our driver mentioned that he felt we were losing power and not more than 30 seconds after that our van slammed to the pavement and we started to fish-tale with a full trailer. Everybody was scared to death just from the slamming down. We thought our tire blew. That's when we looked out the window, still skidding 150 yards towards a revine/stream and light pole, and we saw OUR tire on FIRE rolling past us. We finally came to a stop and our breakwell completely burst into flames and the majority of the dudes took off. Our tour manager and I grabbed the cooler which contained melted ice, 5 Pabst Blue Ribbons and a bottle of water.

Read the entire story at Shoutmouth.

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Anonymous said...

pbr works wonders for removing them tough toilet bowl stains too!