Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cleaning catch-up

The thing about filtering beer here is that by the time I rinse the filter and get the caustic circulating, there's not enough hot water to clean the newly-emptied fermenter. So I hose it out as best I can and save the cleaning for the following day...which is today.

This hot, humid, typical-Nebraska-summer weather makes the tanks sweat, and the condensation runs onto the stainless steel floor, making a perfect home for mildew. So I mopped the floor with caustic (can't use bleach on stainless) and scrubbed the worst spots by hand. My back is not happy.

The latest batch of Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen is tasting a bit off, as is yesterday's All American Gold, so I've retired those two yeasts after six and nine generations respectively, and ordered seven liters of fresh yeast from Wyeast. It's scheduled to arrive next Wednesday, and I can get started on my fall and winter beers.

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