Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mid-Week Tedium

Cleaned the draft lines. (Yawn.)

Cleaned kegs. (Yawn.)

Moved seven barrels of root beer into the cellar. (Yawn.)

Filled kegs. The tedium was broken when I opened a valve before I had connected the filler to the tank. My entire right side was awash in Rye Lager, and my shoes are full of beer.

Paris is coming home tomorrow, then Friday we're heading to Wisconsin because WE FINALLY SOLD THAT STINKIN' HOUSE IN DEER PARK! We'll have a celebratory dinner (beer) at Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter, an extraordinary German restaurant near Stillwater MN.

Next week: brew Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen, brew Princess of Darkness Porter, filter Moll Dubh Irish Ale.

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Nate B. said...

Richard, I couldn't find an easy way to email you so I thought I would post it here. Several of us have started a Nebraska Beer Blog that promotes all things beer in Nebraska. We would love it if you would promote the site on your site. Go check it out.