Saturday, April 21, 2007

A quick trip back to Green Bay

This weekend, the Green Bay Rackers homebrew club convened their thirteenth annual Titletown Open Homebrew Competition. I've served as a judge every year since 1999, and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, Paris (who is also a Certified Judge) is working in England, and couldn't come along this time.

I drove from Columbus to Omaha to catch my flight at 9:00am. The flight to Minneapolis only takes about an hour, as does the next hop to Green Bay, where I arrived just after 2:00pm. I rented a car and drove south to Appleton to meet some friends at the Stone Cellar Brewpub.

Stone Cellar Brewpub, Appleton, Wisconsin

Stone Cellar Brewpub, Appleton, Wisconsin

Loriann Andersen, Dan Pleshek, John Peterson, and I enjoy beers at the Stone Cellar

Loriann Andersen, Dan Pleshek, John Peterson, and I enjoy beers at the Stone Cellar

As this was a social visit, I didn't have my notebook with me, so I can't give you many specifics about the beers. This is the third time I've been to the Stone Cellar since my former colleague Steve Lonsway took it over. The first time, there were still some beers on tap from the previous owner, and Steve hadn't finished the intensive cleaning that the brewhouse desperately needed, so his own beers were no better than ordinary. They had greatly improved and were quite tasty when I stopped by last year. This time, they were uniformly outstanding. There were maybe ten different styles on tap, from a light Honey Ale to a Vanilla Stout, along with a couple of Bocks. Damn fine beers.

I thought about stopping at Titletown Brewing in Green Bay before checking into my hotel, but as it was already near midnight, I decided that sleep would be the better part of valor.

Tomorrow: The Judging


Anonymous said...

I thought Paris was in france.


Richard Stueven said...

Hmmm. I guess she moved.