Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The past two weeks

TWO WEEKS?!? It must not have been very exciting, but here goes.

  • Thursday, June 14: Drove a load of kegs via the Columbus-Duncan-Columbus-Norfolk-Columbus-Duncan-Columbus route. Made 14 barrels (434 gallons) of root beer.

  • Friday, June 15: Picked up Paris in Omaha. Stopped by Crescent Moon for lunch and Beertopia for beer to take home.

  • Saturday, June 16: Filled kegs for Monday's deliveries.

  • Sunday, June 17: Drove Paris to Omaha. Bemoaned the fact that Crescent Moon isn't open on Sundays.

  • Monday, June 18: Drove more kegs to Norfolk. Cleaned about six dozen kegs. Kegged off the remaining two barrels of Dunkelweizen and cleaned the empty tank.

  • Tuesday, June 19: Filtered the All-American Gold into one empty tank, and the Rye I Oughta...! rye lager into the other one. Half of the Rye's filtration went well, but the filter bed started leaking through, so I just ran the rest of the beer in and called it "semi-filtered".

  • Wednesday, June 20: Cleaned the draft lines.

  • Thursday, June 21: Did the mid-month taxes, filled kegs, and cleaned the two empty fermenters.

  • Friday, June 22: Picked up Paris in Omaha. Had lunch at Crescent Moon and stayed there until it was time to head downtown to pour beers at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. Spent the night in Council Bluffs.

  • Saturday, June 23: Drove home from Omaha.

  • Sunday, June 24: Drove back to Omaha to pour beers at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. Stopped by Dundee Dell for dinner and beers before heading home again.

  • Monday, June 25: Did not drive Paris to Omaha; took her to the doctor instead. She's got some sort of throat infection (which she was kind enough to share with me) and her doctor told her not to fly.

  • Tuesday, June 26: Made 14 barrels of root beer. Filled a few kegs.

  • Wednesday, June 27: After my doctor appointment this morning, I stopped by the hardware store for some maintenance-type things and tools. Called Denver Plastics about getting a couple thousand more dust caps for the root beer kegs, since our four-year supply is just about exhausted.

Tomorrow: Clean draft lines, fill kegs. The second Cruise Night of the year will be held Thursday night in the pub's parking lot.


Anonymous said...

re:monday june 25

well then mebbe the gods were on my side this time.
having finally gotten somewhat closer to relative health after nearly three months of walking death, i'm sure i woulda had to hurt somebody if'n i got another infection . . .
tell paris i hope she feels better!
(and you too of course)

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me whether there will be any more beer fests / tasting events in the state? Any idea where I can get that info. Went to a beer tasting last night at Brewskies in Omaha, and would love to attend more, especially featuring Nebraska craft brews.


Brewer said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

You can find information on beer tastings and fests in this state and others at:

Looks like there is a Left Hand tasting at the Dundee Dell:

good luck.