Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday: Messrs Maguire

Dublin's suburb Howth is a 30-minute train ride north of town. Our friend Monte recommended that I make the trip, and since today was a very nice day for a journey, I did so.

Howth Station and the Bloody Stream Restaurant

Howth has a harbor where the fishing boats come in. The whole pier is lined with seafood shops and smokers.

Howth West Pier

Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin)

Houses on Balscadden Road

Monte heartily recommended the Ye Old Abbey Tavern located just on the hill on the opposite side of town from the pier. Yes, it really is called "Ye Old". They claim the pub dates from the 16th century, and I don't doubt that at all.

Ye Old Abbey Tavern, 28 Abbey Street, Howth

Great baked salmon here, with Guinness to wash it down.

Tomorrow: Tram Co

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