Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last day in Dublin

Yesterday: Tram Co (or not)

Just to complete yesterday's notes, I'll mention that after having dinner at Bleu Bistro (Krombacher Pils), we wandered over to Bruxelles (Guinness) for a few pints. We wanted to have one at the world's smallest pub, the Dawson Lounge, but it was packed to the rafters with a couple dozen people.

Blue Bistro, Dawson Street, Dublin

Bruxelles, Harry Street, Dublin

Dawson Lounge, Dawson Street, Dublin

Today, I wandered by the Dawson Lounge again, just in case. The sign on the door said they'd open for lunch at 12:30, but they didn't. Instead, I went to John Kehoe's for a quick pint.

John Kehoe's, 9 South Anne's Street, Dublin

Declan at the Bull & Castle had mentioned yesterday that he'd be tapping a new cask ale, so I walked over that way to have a taste.

Carlow Malty Bitches

The Bull & Castle offers a few more beers that didn't yet appear on my beer list, so I started working my way down the line.

Árainn Mhór Bán

Shepherd Neame Whitstable Bay Organic Ale

Shepherd Neame 1698

About this time a real cute Irish girl, about half my age, came bouncing into the bar and sat down next to me. She apologized for being late and ordered herself a Guinness. Puzzled, I kept up my end of the conversation while she asked where I was from and how I liked Dublin and all sorts of small-talk-stuff. I ordered another beer.

BrewDog Hop Rocker

She was about halfway through her pint when she got a text message. She answered it, and then says, "Oh no, I'm sorry, I've been ignoring your texts!"

I smiled and said, "Now I have to ask. It's unusual at my age to have an attractive young woman to pull up a barstool and strike up a conversation with me, and I certainly have been enjoying your company, but...have we in fact actually met?"

Smiling still, but not quite as brightly, she said, "Sure and we have! You're Ralph, aren't you?"

"Sadly no, I'm Richard."

She turned surprisingly pale, even for an Irish girl, downed her pint, sent a text, said a quick and friendly goodbye, and ran embarrassed out the door.

Palm Steen Brugge Dubbel Brune

Duvel Moortgat Maredsous 6

We fly home early tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Home from Dublin

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