Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Messrs Maguire

Yesterday: Meeting John Duffy

There really aren't many breweries here in Ireland: only 16 by my count, and that includes the contract companies and the industrial giants. I visited one of Dublin's two brewpubs on Saturday, and I visited the other one today.

Messrs Maguire is at the south end of the O'Connell Bridge over the River Liffey. It's an ancient pub with several separate ornate bars upstairs and down. I didn't eat here, but the food smelled great; oddly, it's served cafeteria-style.

Messrs Maguire, 1-2 Burgh Quay, Dublin

Messrs Maguire Haus Lager

Messrs Maguire Weiss

Messrs Maguire Rusty

Messrs Maguire Plain

Messrs Maguire Bock

Walking back through town, I noticed that the Irish take their alcohol very seriously. Apparently they have entire companies devoted to insuring your liver.

Royal Liver Assurance: that's something we could all use.

Tomorrow: Howth

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